Donation for three global organizations

Last year our employees proudly supported three globally active organizations by making contributions to UNICEFWWF, and World Vision.  
These donations mean high impact in a sustainable way with very small investment of resources and time. With these contributions’ diverse projects all over the world can find financial support – from helping and supporting undernourished and starving kids and infants, to shelter projects of refugees, and big reforestation projects all over the globe. 

We are proud and thank our colleagues for participating, sharing interest in others and looking beyond.

Enhancing Safety and Comfort in Urban Transport

Discover the rising trend of trams, making a comeback as a greener and more efficient option for urban transportation. In densely populated cities, trams are proving their worth, offering exceptional energy efficiency and spaciousness, a refreshing contrast to individual vehicles.

However, navigating bustling urban streets is no easy task for tram drivers, who face unique challenges. Sharing the road with cars, bikes, and pedestrians requires heightened vigilance. Safety is paramount, both for passengers and other road users, as tram collisions can result in significant damage.

To address these challenges, cutting-edge driver assistance systems, inspired by automotive technology, are becoming the way forward. Real-time information and proactive guidance help tram drivers react swiftly to potential hazards, reducing accidents and easing the mental burden.

Follow us and learn how the integration of proven automotive technology in trams is transforming urban transport, enhancing safety, and contributing to a brighter, greener future.

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