Driveline Performance Simulation

We offer a wide range of simulation services for driveline solutions always with the aim for efficiency, performance and innovation, allowing at the same time a reduction on development time and costs. This includes simulations on component, system and vehicle level.

Our driveline performance simulation allows to predict range and consumption in standardized test procedures (i.e. NEDC, WLTC), in customer defined cycles and to analyze common use cases (e.g. top speed, acceleration, continuous speed, hill climb, curb climb) at all stages of development. 

A basic simulation can be quickly used in concept phase and early stages of the development to define the vehicle’s key figures (e.g. topology, component dimensioning, gearbox ratio, battery size). Advanced simulations can be used in further development phases and include detailed component models and control algorithms. These can be used to optimize single components as well as the interaction of components in the complete vehicle. To increase efficiency automated processes for optimization and result evaluation are embedded in the CES simulation toolchain.

Besides using models and controls based on our standard library is also possible to embed your models into our simulation environment. Likewise our component and system models can be implemented into your simulation. 

All in all, we have the simulation engineering competence to support you in the development of new driveline solutions according to your requirements and global legislation. 

Our Services

  • Simulations on component, system and vehicle level
  • Basic driveline performance simulation based on standard components
  • Embed third party component/ system models into our simulation environment
  • Advanced simulations: Analysis of detailed behavior of selected components and control algorithms

Tools & Methods

  • Experience in various simulation tools
  • Model platform for various topologies and components (incl. paramater sets) and control algorithms
  • Simulation and test according valid standards


  • Early integration of software, hardware and mechanics into simulation
  • Close collaboration between simulation and test team to support validation
  • Optimization of system behavior (control algorithm, calibration)
  • Significant reduction of testing time
  • Test case and data management

Direct Contact

Markus Wernsdoerfer
Tel: +49 911 217 744  4703

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