New Mobility Ecosystem Development Kits

New Mobility Ecosystems (NME)
include vehicles that are: 

  • Connected
  • Autonomous
  • Shared
  • Electrified

Continental Engineering Services (CES) understands how difficult it can be to create a new platform within the scope of new mobility ecosystems. That is why we are offering development kits to make your life easier.  In this way, you can remain laser-focused on the technology you are developing and add the building blocks you require efficiently from the CES portfolio.

CES Development Kits
are ideal for: 

  • Inventors of New or Supplemental Automotive Technology
  • Non-Automotive Applications
  • Motorshow Demonstrator Car Development
  • Academic Educational Purposes
  • Experimentation and Research
  • Proof-of-concept vehicles
  • Rapid-Prototyping
  • Concept Studies
  • Geofenced Fleet Operations
  • Technology Incubators

Although CES development kits are based on high volume proven-in-use series automotive components and represent the highest standard of automotive quality norms, because they were not designed into your system, and no validation step was done on your platform, CES development kits are not authorized for use in series or on public roads.  In case you would like to go into series or use on open roads, this would be possible, in some cases, but only with an additional engineering package. In the case you would like to deploy a kit into series CES requires that a quality and Functional Safety Management review of your use case, the system interfaces, and ensures the CES kit is used as intended for safe operation.  For experimental use on closed roads, by a trained driver, it is acceptable to use these systems as-is.