the future of mobility

Electric vehicles result in high efficiency and zero pollutant emissions, reducing the overall carbon footprint, as well as an attractive design. Build the future of mobility with us!

A holistic approach to vehicle development​

The development of electrified vehicles requires an in-depth understanding of the vehicle as an overall system. In addition to the individual components, we also consider topics like powertrain and energy management, early in the design cycle in order to maximize system performance. From the beginning of the development, we take care of customer and legal requirements for functional safety and cyber security. Through our close collaboration of our engineering teams in hardware, software, mechanical and systems – we ensure the achievement of your project needs in the most efficient way. 

Using our extensive experience and knowledge to make the right decision at the right time to ensure the best value solution for our customers.

Developing an exceptional system from components

With our profound experience in both component and system level development we have the comprehensive knowledge required to improve every element of the system for excellent system performance. Together, with our expertise and our holistic approach, we are the ideal partner for system development and system integration.

To get the most for our customers, we always look at the individual components and their interaction within an overall network and coordinate them specifically.

From prototype to large-scale production

We supply you with the required components for prototyping, low volume, or large-scale production, in addition to our extensive experience and depth of knowledge from our numerous prior successfully implemented projects.

We are working on cutting edge technologies to develop the best possible technical and commercial solution.

Engineering partner

As part of your team, we play a key role in the success of your project.  One advantage of working with us is that we can support you from consultancy up to taking over full project responsibility for components and systems, managing the deliverables, logistics, and quality of your suppliers in the process. Furthermore, you will gain access to the comprehensive expertise of one of the largest technology companies in the world. We are committed to your cause across corporate and industrial boundaries. It is therefore not unusual for us to work directly with additional suppliers as well.

We are engineers,

with passion!

Solving your challenges is what drives us. We combine motivation, curiosity, intuition and creativity with a profound understanding of the complexity and attention to detail. With our mindset we are the perfect partner to make your projects successful. Please do not hesitate to get in touch to discuss how we can support your next development project!

Let's electrify you!

Your success is our priority. Our passion for engineering combined with our long-standing experience and deep knowhow enables your project success.


Babak Sharifi Hamedani

Business Development Manager

Tel: +49 911 21774 52188
Email: babak.sharifi.hamedani@conti-engineering.com