Excellent Acoustic Engineering

... or why we call it the "Art of Engineering"

Developing convincing technological solutions for acoustics and infotainment systems in vehicles requires a profound understanding not only of the systems in question but also of the vehicle as a whole, along with a wealth of experience and a keen musical ear.

That is one of the reasons why everyone on our Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH) Team, from electrical, mechanical and business engineers to sound technicians, joiners and environmental engineers, has extensive expertise in the psychology and physiology of hearing. And because we consider engineering and the art of music to be closely intertwined in this area, many of our colleagues hone their acoustic skills and tone sensation through their own musical activities outside of work. These are then put to use in, for example, challenging development projects in the areas of vehicle acoustics and infotainment.

Article Overview

Acoustic engineering for infotainment & multimedia​

Ac2ated Sound: amazing sound with minimal weight and installation space.

Inspired by the art of string instrument construction, our sound engineers apply their expertise in the area of infotainment & multimedia.
The Ac2ated Sound technology dispenses with traditional loudspeakers and can be used in all vehicle classes and many industries. Compact actuators cause existing surfaces to vibrate, creating a particularly natural and spatial 3D soundscape.

Our development services

  • Vehicle audio system without loudspeakers but with excellent acoustics
  • Lightweight and requires little installation space

Your Benefits

  • Construction of demonstrators with Ac2ated Sound technology and alignment of sound with customer requirements (basic system, premium system, high-end system).
  • Optional function for switching over to the existing conventional speaker system
  • Tuning of Ac2ated Sound systems to achieve perfect sound quality
  • Development of optimized sound transducers for the customer project and the corresponding surfaces for sound conversion
  • Production of prototypes and limited production of optimized sound transducers and amplifiers
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Acoustic Insulation System Development (AISD)

Greater acoustic comfort with minimum weight and volume.

From damping materials to reduce structure-borne noise to absorbers for the engine and passenger compartments, entire damping elements and suitable sealing measures in shell construction bulkheads and cable bushing, getting a vehicle’s acoustics architecture right depends in part on the design of up to 150 components.

Our development services

  • Consulting on appropriate light-weight and low-volume components and materials and suitable vehicle architecture, as well as highlighting potential improvements in acoustic performance
  • Acoustic optimization of sub-assemblies, components and vehicles
  • Designing and conducting audio tests, taking into account psycho-acoustic effects and measurement values, including subsequent evaluation
  • Determining specific measurement conditions to ensure high reproducibility
  • Developing innovative concepts, complete systems and prototypes for series technologies
  • Establishing databases for component construction and designing 3D sample components, with or without CAD data

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