Engineering support for greater driving safety,

drive efficiency and user comfort.

From prototypes to pilot and small series: We develop customized solutions for motorcycles and therefore adapt proven Continental automotive series technology. On request, we also integrate products from other manufacturers.

Advanced Rider Assistance Systems (ARAS)

Unlike in a car, there are no pronounced crash structures on a motorcycle and the driver is largely unprotected against influences such as wind, rain or vibrations. Because these make the driving task particularly demanding, we have developed our Advanced Rider Assistance Systems (ARAS).
They relieve the driver and ensure increased safety while driving. Our engineers always act according to the maxim: support without paternalism. Because the driver’s freedom of choice should always be retained.
Blind Spot Detection – Warns riders when vehicles appears in the motorcycle´s
blind spot zone and indicate hazardous lane changes.
Lane Change Assist – Warns riders of vehicles overtaking/passing by
on the adjacent lanes.
Adaptive Cruise Control – When activated, governs the speed of driving and the distance
to the vehicles in front.
Forward Collision Warning – In case of impending collision ahead riders are warned early
by means of an optical and haptic alert.
Traffic Sign Assist – Detects traffic signs which conform with the Vienna convention
and displays them to the rider; Identifies speed limits, bans on passing, one way street rules.

Head Lamp Assist – Enables an automatic activation/deactivation
of the high beam, depending on the detected environment and traffic participants.

Anti-Lock Braking Systems (ABS)​

As an motorcycle OEM you are looking for an engineering partner, offering support when integrating customized brake system technology in your two and three-wheeled vehicles?

Depending on your requirements we provide various ABS brake systems, from lower-cost standard 1-channel anti-lock braking systems to high-end ABS solutions with additional functions like rearwheel lift-off protection (RLP), different riding modes, integral brake (IB), hold-and-go, optimized curve brake (oCB) or traction control. In addition, we cover the entire test & validation chain.


Instrument Cluster

To keep riders informed in a clear and well-structured manner we adapt cutting-edge instrument clusters from Continental according to your requirements.
With their sophisticated HMI concept they enable drivers to operate intuitively at any time and in any situation, without distracting from driving.
Due to its flexible design it is possible to realize almost all styling requests bike manufacturers have.

More information regarding the technology visit our Continental page –> here <–

IoT Gateway

This is the key component for connecting the vehicle to the Internet. It provides access from anywhere and anytime to local information. The IoT Gateway allows you to extend the functionality of your systems with predictive maintenance, performance and condition monitoring, Remote control, geofencing and much more.
By integrating our smart access solution into the IoT gateway, we also enable start authentication.
For more information regarding the technology visit our topic page –> here <–

Automatic Manual Transmission for Motorbikes:
Twin Motor Controller

To improve the performance of manual transmissions used in motorcycles, we developed the electronic control unit for the automation of the gearbox – a market innovation. With two special electric motors, the control unit takes over or supports the clutch and shift actuations. This makes the interaction of gas handle, clutch and gear lever much more comfortable and increases driving pleasure.
In addition, road safety is increased, as drivers can fully focus on traffic.

Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System (AVAS)

AVAS generates artificial sounds for electrically driven two or threewheelers. What is special about this: By using so called actuators instead of conventional speakers, a considerable amount of weight and construction space can be saved. As required by the legislator, the system alarms unprotected road users from quietly approaching two and three-wheeled vehicles. Furthermore the solution can be helpful to set apart from the competition by using brand- and vehicle specific sound profiles.

Body Control Unit

As central component of modern vehicle architectures it controls numerous functions in the motorcycle. It can also act as a central gateway in order to monitor and control numerous functions that are not connected to the powertrain. For example, lighting, HMI control, immobilizer or heating functionality.


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