Industrial Digitalization

Expertise, from our factories to your factory.

Continental Engineering Services (CES) is your partner for the complete digitalization path of your factories.

From our experience, a sustainable digitalization process starts with the integration and modeling of your machines, to ensure reliable and relevant real-time data. After that point, a wide range of different applications and analyses can be used to optimize your processes, ranging from basic KPI visualizations to 3D Digital Twins or basic analytics reports to advanced Al models.

Our compromise, taking advantage of our experience inside Continental group, is to help your organization shift the paradigm and to take your company to the next level.

What do we do?

Our team is integrated into the Cross Technology Segment, with the main goal being the of transfer automotive technologies to non-automotive industries. For that, we work on projects in many domain areas like Industry, Green Technologies, Mobility, Railways…
Our focus is to provide the best solutions to our customers, through a collaborative approach between all our competence areas (e.g., Software Development, Industry 4.0, Vision Systems, Process & Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Data Services, …) to create solutions with greater value.
Based on all these expertise clusters, you can rely on our team to develop solutions for your unique or complex needs. If your project requires solutions beyond our normal scope, you can also rely on our team to best advise you and help you find the best partner for your needs, as if it was for one of our factories.

Factory Digitalization Projects

Factory digitalization projects are a headache, from the process, time, and financial point of view, for organizations of all sizes and types.
Continental Engineering Services (CES) wants to use our experience, acquired in several internal projects throughtout the years, to support you in speeding up your project in a sustainable way.
For that purpose, we have created five services that will support your company during all the implementation steps of your project.

Industrial Consultancy

Digitalization roadmap, R&D, and project management

Every shopfloor has its own identity and needs, so we focus on understanding YOUR identity. For this, our experts will visit your shopfloor and get to know you, to help build your project roadmap based on your current and future needs.
After that first step, a shopfloor digital maturity is defined, and a digitalization roadmap and strategy are elaborated according to your requirements.
To implement the project, the best approaches, technologies, products, or concepts are selected to achieve the best results for you.
Our mindset for the roadmap creation is to focus on quick forward-thinking actions with a good Return on Investment (RoI), assuring the financial sustainability of your roadmap. This strategy creates a snowball of sustainable digitalization and avoids the unaffordable investments up-front, usually associated with these types of transformations.
All your project steps will then be executed or managed with our support, doing all the needed adjustments to achieve the defined goals in each step.

Shopfloor Integration

Integration of machines and IT systems

During the last 10 years, we learned that the basis for any shopfloor digitalization effort is the flexibility and quality of the data obtained and interconnectivity between systems.
To assure these key goals, CES developed the Machine Digital Platform (MDP), integrating your machines with IT production systems in a fast, but future-proof, approach, focused on modularity and process modeling. MDP framework was built based on a concept developed and tested in more than 8 000 machines worldwide inside Continental group, throughout the last 10 years.

Data Services

Data Analytics and Business Intelligence

This is one of the most important steps in the digitalization process, as the collected data will be transformed into useful information and actionable insights, that will then be used to improve your shopfloor efficiency.
To support your continuous efforts on production monitorization and optimization, CES will develop, with you, regular reports and analyses based on our joint production know-how. This will provide you with the right insights at the right time, transforming data into continuous improvement.

Manufacturing Intelligence

For the more advanced cases, we can also provide you with in-depth analysis (e.g. root-cause analysis) on-demand, using complex state-of-the-art approaches, such as process mining and machine learning.
Here, the delivered solution can range from a algorithm to a full ML solution or insight to a full report on a specific need, adjusted to the necessities of the particular project or analysis needed.


In a world where new technologies are presented everywhere, everything is connected to a network with real-time communication and data is accessable from different locations (such as clouds), cybersecurity has an ever-increasing importance, being the key to protect information, machines, persons, etc.
Based on this relevance, we will help you with the development of your cybersecurity concepts, to protect your business data and privacy, and support you in their implementation.
After the implementation step, we are also able to perform some penetration tests, to assure that the defined protection rules are implemented and the overall system is robust against non-intended use.


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