Classic Car Services

restoration and modification of classic cars

As a specialized workshop focusing on restoration and modification for classic cars, there is a constant search for spare parts to complete any project. Finding the specific parts to restore or modify are hard to come by due to its original stature and the limited quantities in the market.

Restoration or modification?

You’re on the lookout for spare parts to restore a classic car in a way that’s true to the original. Or your customer would like to use state-of-the-art technologies to add comfort, safety or drive efficiency to their classic car. Are you tired of investing endless time in the search for suitable suppliers? Do you have specific requirements in terms of quality, price or delivery time?
Founded in 2006, we have become a leading development and production partner for the automotive and motorcycle industry.
As a specialist in small-scale production, niche, two-wheel, and special-purpose vehicle applications, we not only offer tailor-made development work, but also the associated implementation in our own sample and prototyping production, manufacturing and limited production.

One Stop – Classic Shop

Our One Stop Classic Shop team supports you throughout the entire process, no matter what classic car issue you’re dealing with. If necessary, we consult specialist engineers from the chassis, interior (information management & connectivity), drive, vehicle electronics, and body areas to provide advice. 

Development Services

In addition to spare parts production and restomod activities, we offer additional development support and can advise you on any questions concerning your classic vehicle:

Technology Consulting

We provide advice on technology and manufacturing

Homologation Support

We assist with the statutory tests and support you with our overall vehicle expertise right up to successful homologation.


As a certified supplier, we assure the high standard of quality of the automotive industry for all components we reproduce.

Design & Construction

We use modern CAD systems to develop and design modifications, new parts and prototypes.

System Engineering

We ensure the reliable control and interplay of various vehicle systems from the fields of drive systems, chassis, safety and interior electronics.

Vehicle Electrification

We ensure optimum drive train design, suitable power electronics and compatible software.

Reverse Engineering

We reconstruct complex components that are needed at short notice, even without existing CAD data or old samples.

Available Production Technologies

In our technology park in Karben, we have access to numerous state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, offering everything from additive manufacturing (3D printing), to electronics manufacturing and conventional mechanical processes.
Depending on whether the requirements are for simple mechanical, complex or electronic components, we select the most suitable manufacturing technologies and materials for the relevant product. This variety of technologies for limited production and the production of individual parts is unique worldwide, and we are now using it for the production of prototypes, samples, replacement or limited production parts for classic vehicles.

Milling & Die Casting

Electronic Production

3D measurement

Injection molding

3D printing

Welding & Joining


To restore classic vehicles, we produce spare or limited production parts in accordance with automotive quality standards, even with-out existing drawings or old samples.


To restore classic vehicles, we produce spare or limited production parts in accordance with automotive quality standards, even with-out existing drawings or old samples.


Stefan Kammann

Head of Business Center – Samples & Mechanical Solutions

Tel: +49 6039 981 541