Mobility as a Service (MaaS)

...possible with the Digital Services Platform

The mobility of the future will take a variety of forms. The CES Digital Services Platform is one of the core elements for the development of safe, comfortable and environmentally friendly mobility. Start your multimodal and future autonomous mobility business with us.

Get ready to connect and manage your fleet with just one platform that fits your needs.

Digital Services Platform

Our Digital Services Platform is an end-to-end solution for entrepreneurs to quickly launch car- and micro mobility services.
The Digital Services Platform includes:

  • Specific telematics solutions,
  • Global mobile data partners and tariffs and solutions for main regions,
  • A wide range of holistic digital services for vehicle diagnostics, fleet, sharing services as well as a seamless frontend for your customers as well as
  • Fully integrated 3rd party services

Telematic Solutions

and integration tailored to fleets

Mobile Partners

Global mobile data partners​ as well as Tariffs and solutions for main regions

Wide range of Digital Services

Wide range of holistic services for
Backend- and Frontend Usages

Integration of 3rd party Provider

Fully integrated 3rd party Software solutions

From public sharing services to custom groups, the Digital Services Platform meets various Use Cases

Public Sharing Solutions

Smart mobility for everybody
Our Mobility Sharing Solution supports rental scheme providers with an end-to-end solution, everything from a single source.

User Group Specific Sharing Solutions

Smart mobility for dedicated user groups
Corporate and Residential Mobility Sharing Solutions with customized Business Models.

Our offer

  • Telematics solutions for every vehicle type and vehicle brand
    All vehicles used – from bicycles to trucks – can be managed with an app

  • A consistent solution for HW and SW, as well as the integration of 3rd party services such as payment processing, driver’s license validation and call center services.
    We also have established partnerships with vehicle manufacturers; from bikes to trucks.

  • The simple implementation of discount campaigns, vouchers and user group-specific price models

  • Highest security standards. All of our products and services are developed and tested according to automotive cybersecurity standards

  • 24/7 availability of our services and are constantly working on the implementation of new requirements, e.g. cost center assignment, bookings by third parties, management of multiple accounts, serial bookings, approvals by fleet managers, delay management, …

Benefit from our Digital Services Platform

End-to-End Solution

We follow the End-to-End principle to make it as easy as possible for you to get started with your sharing business straight away.
No matter what vehicle, we have a suitable solution for you.

Engineering Services

In addition to a wide range of digital services, we provide our in-depth engineering know-how. We understand ourselves as your partner for the conceptual design as well as the implementation of your sharing project.


We provide highest automotive cyber security standards for maximum protection of your customers data.

Continental as a strong partner

With our many years of expertise in the development of technologies and services for sustainable and connected mobility, you have a strong partner at your side.


Oliver Ziegler

Senior Sales Manager