Consulting and Support

CES offers increased expertise, versatile application know-how and access to the Continental core competencies, including development and production-specific content. Through workshops or individual support, customers can benefit from the diversity and quality of our consulting services.

Holistic and experienced approach

By undertaking development and manufacturing holistically, we understand the special importance of the interface between the two areas. This is a result of many years of engineering experience. With particular expertise in the use of software in the increasingly complex electric and electronic architecture (E/E-Systems), in automotive and industrial applications, our expertise extends to choice of the most suitable manufacturing technology and materials.

Partners for all occasions

Continental Engineering Services (CES) offers comprehensive support through the introduction of proven models and standard methods. By optimizing both, ongoing project and internal/external processes and with thorough analysis, our specialists are able to prepare and carry out external assessments as well as specific audits.

Security & Privacy

Vehicles are connected with the world of internet of the things (IoT), which enables to use new functions within the vehicle. However, to be usable in mobility world, the vehicle systems must face several tough challenges in security and privacy.

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Functional Safety (FSM)

Increasing complexity drives a the need for reliable functional safety management (FSM) in order to avoid or at least detect and mitigate malfunctions which would lead to any person being injured or killed.

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Simulation Engineering

Simulation Engineering Innovation through Simulation ADAS / AD and Vehicle Dynamics Applications​ With comprehensive experience from a multitude of automotive development projects, CES’ Business Center

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Software Consulting

Software development is essential for the innovation of modern vehicles and machines. Our consultants will help you to select and adapt the right software and the appropriate functionalities for your development.

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Data Services

The Data Services business center of Continental Engineering Services bundles the learnings of Continental on how to establish a data culture into an innovative service offering.

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Research & Development Process Consulting

R&D Process Consulting plays an important role in the Research & Development area, when quality assurance, time schedule, interdisciplinary product development as well as costs need to be managed at the same time.

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