Automotive Sensors

for Environment Perception

Sensors for environment perception are a vital enabler for realizing safety features and vehicle automation – not only in automotive

The Continental portfolio covers premium radar and vision-based sensors that are designed to work in rugged environments around the world. At CES, we have access to the entire sensor portfolio of Continental, which is ready for carryover into your application. Perhaps you are interested in the outputs of a driving function such as lane-keep-assist, or you want to access low-level sensor data directly. With Ethernet, CAN, and LVDS-based sensors, combined with our deep expertise in ROS, eCal, and Autosar-interfaces, we are prepared to find the right fit for your application.

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ADAS Cruising Functions

In addition to the enormous contribution of ADAS technology to road-safety, cruising functions increase driver and passenger comfort and are a real value-add for the end-customer.

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Environmental Sensing & Automated Driving

Assisted and automated driving is a key megatrend in Off-Highway industries. With Continental Engineering Services you profit from mature and robust automotive sensors and functions that can be adapted to the individual off-highway-application.

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Perception Development Kit

Perception Development Kit (PDK)

For automated driving functions, 360° sensor coverage and central data fusion becomes inevitable. We offer a modular, off-the-shelf prototype solution for your development activities. A set of different hardware and software modules fit the kit for your individual application.

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