AMBIENC3 meets CES Functionalities

AMBIENC3 is an emotional mobile exhibit that can be experienced, packed with groundbreaking ideas, a door opener for mutual new and innovative developments with customers. The concept car is based on an iconic car, the T2 “Bulli”, a fact that leads to the motto “Retro Meets Future”.

We are happy to announce that the concept car’s interior is loaded with fascinating CES functionalities. These include:

  • Act2ated Sound – Breathtaking 3D sound reproduction
  • Photovoltaic In-Vehicle Charger – Sustainable support of cooling- and lightning functions
  • Intelligent Glass Control – Dimming and heating functions
  • Surround View Camera System – Bird’s eye view of vehicle

Photovoltaic In-Vehicle Charger

Photovoltaic In-Vehicle Charger increases the share of renewable energy for Mobility, enables Energy production on the go as well as in stationary mode. It delivers a sustainable support of functions (cooling, lightning,etc.) and prevent battery over-discharge what improves the life of the battery.

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Ac2ated Sound

Continental’s innovative concept abandons conventional speaker technology altogether, exciting select surfaces in the vehicle interior to produce sound. The concept achieves a breathtaking 3D sound reproduction that envelops passengers in an incredibly detailed and vivid soundscape and lets them enjoy their in-car entertainment to the fullest.

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Intelligent Glass Control

Intelligent Glass Control (IGC) allows dimming and heating functions to enable significant energy savings. New generation of Intelligent Glass Control shows multi segment Liquid Crystal technology. It enables an impressive animations and comfortable shading solution and privacy on demand for window or other glazed spaces.

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Surround View Camera System

The new ProViu 360 camera system giving the driver a bird’s eye view of its vehicle. The second generation of the system is completely digital, delivering sharper and higher quality images. Accidents with persons and damage to the vehicle can be prevented thanks to this comprehensive view of the vehicle’s surroundings.

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Enhancing Safety and Comfort in Urban Transport

Discover the rising trend of trams, making a comeback as a greener and more efficient option for urban transportation. In densely populated cities, trams are proving their worth, offering exceptional energy efficiency and spaciousness, a refreshing contrast to individual vehicles.

However, navigating bustling urban streets is no easy task for tram drivers, who face unique challenges. Sharing the road with cars, bikes, and pedestrians requires heightened vigilance. Safety is paramount, both for passengers and other road users, as tram collisions can result in significant damage.

To address these challenges, cutting-edge driver assistance systems, inspired by automotive technology, are becoming the way forward. Real-time information and proactive guidance help tram drivers react swiftly to potential hazards, reducing accidents and easing the mental burden.

Follow us and learn how the integration of proven automotive technology in trams is transforming urban transport, enhancing safety, and contributing to a brighter, greener future.

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